The slimming journey

We have the pleasure to present the new book to the Bard and Hege
Slankereisen are looking in all the Norwegian bookseller!

Do you know any men who have unhealthy lifestyle, are obese or are on the border with health being overweight?
When is this book a good start towards healthier weight and health

  • Member of parliament and former Minister of Agriculture Bård Hoksrud and Hege gives out the book Slankereisen, five stages to a better life. Hege has helped Bard on the road to a better lifestyle and he has now lost almost 40 pounds.
  • In the book, the Bard tells with high humor and recognition factor about their relationship to food and comfort eating, personal victories and defeats on the road against the new lifestyle. Hege provides expert tips to lose weight - and keep the weight.
  • Three of the four Norwegian men are overweight or suffer from obesity. This book is targeted towards men who need help to get started with weight loss.
  • In the book you get the knowledge, recipes, ukeplanene and krabblikket that makes it possible for you to get it, you also

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