Three out of four Norwegian men are overweight or suffer from obesity. There are therefore only around 25 per cent of Norwegian men who are of normal weight. By comparison, the same applies to 40 percent of Norwegian women.
Being overweight means more than being a few kilos too much. It creates a very high risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and wear and tear in joints and inflammatory diseases, and these are diseases that more often affect men. If you put on just 5-8 kg, you will double your risk of type 2 diabetes, and in the same way you will reduce your risk if you lose weight.
For some, being too heavy can also lead to an experience of a poorer quality of life and poorer mental health. All the chores and duties you have every day with 20-60 pk of butter as extra baggage on your body will necessarily make you more tired and can limit you in your life.

There are various and complex reasons why more and more people are becoming overweight. The two main factors are still bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity can also be caused by lack of sleep, stress, congenital hereditary characteristics, drugs, hormonal disorders and a number of other diseases. As a rule, it is a combination of several of the aforementioned factors.

Get blood sugar in balance and your weight down with the Eurodiet method

The Eurodiet is an effective medical method for treating unhealthy obesity and lifestyle diseases.
The method is based in the first place mainly on the specially-developed products, which are low in energy and carbohydrates and rich in proteins.
The low content of carbohydrates, as well as an optimal amount of protein, ensures a low blood sugar level: This results in a low insulin level and a good glucagon level in the blood, which ensures efficient burning of the fat stores in the body.
The Eurodiet method consists of 4 phases, where for a period you eat only produce and vegetables, and gradually one regular meal is introduced based on the right food in the right portions. You learn to eat blood sugar - and health-friendly for the rest of your life.
You have already got Diabetes type 2, you have the opportunity to eat fresh from the disease with the help of the Eurodiet method.

An important and large study called the DiRECT study was published in the renowned Lancet journal in December 2017, and came with two-year results in 2019. The study, which was conducted in Scotland and England, found that if the participants lost more than 10 kg by using a weight program based on replacement meals that were very similar to the Eurodiet products, 73 percent achieved a reversal of their type-2 diabetes. Read more about the DiRECT study here:


Isn't it wonderful that blood sugar and hormone balance leads to weight loss, and that weight loss leads to good blood sugar control again?
Eurodiet method is a unique tool to achieve this!

Written by diabetes nurse and dietitian Hege Hasler Barhaughøgda

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