Intensive weight loss reverse diabetes type 2

Intensive weight loss reverse diabetes type 2

The prestigious journal Lancet published in December 2017 a large study, conducted in Scotland and England, with the startling findings about the relationship between intensive VLCD weight reduction (type of Eurodiet method) and diabetes type 2.
The study concluded with:

  • Type 2 - diabetes is a complication of weight gain and excess body fat, and it is not necessarily a permanent condition.
  • Close to half of people with diabetes type 2 can achieve the reversal of the disease by intensive weight reduction (ie. that the blood sugar values measured within normal reference areas)

Diabetes type 2 and obesity

In spite of the research-based guidelines for the diabetes treatment, and an escalation of drug therapy, there is still a very high rate of cardiovascular adverse circulatory events and reduced life expectancy in people with type 2 - diabetes.
Weight gain and obesity is the most common cause of diabetes type 2. The average weight of the people who get the diagnosis corresponds to a BMI at 30-31, but we see the most cases of the disease by a BMI over 35.

About the study

DIRECT – The Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial is an open, randomized clinical study.
The purpose of the study was:

  • To find a solution on how to practically treat people with Diabetes type 2 in primary care.
  • To evaluate whether intensive weight reduction within the primary care, would give the reversal (reversal) of type 2-diabetes.

280 participants from 30 health centres/clinics in Scotland and England were included in the study, to either

  • To follow a weight control program where they ate a low calorie diet based on meal replacements (finished made specialty products) and received follow-up of a nutritionist or nurse.
  • Or just get the regular follow-up in line with the official the treatment guidelines.

The intervention of the study were:
The test group (149 people):

  • Weight management program, the aim of which was more than 15 kg weight loss
  • Remove all diabetes medicines and blood pressure medicines.
  • The best practical care for the official guidelines

The control group (149 people):

  • The best practical care for the official guidelines.

The test group was accompanied by a diet program called “Counterweight-Plus” which is very comparable with Dr. Fedon Lindberg his Eurodiet method:

  • Divided into four phases
  • Replacement meals, specialty
  • VLCD (very low calorie diet)
  • Gradual reintroduction of normal food
  • Medical follow-up over time, for long-term maintenance of the weight


The study had a clear findings that intensive weight loss reverse diabetes type 2 with close to half of the the study subjects:

  • By a weight loss of 10-15 kg, 73 per cent to be in remission (recovery) of the disease
  • By a weight loss of 15 kg or more, the entire 83 per cent to be in remission of Diabetes type 2! In addition, made with diabetes medications.

Results after 12 months

Average weight loss:

  • The intervention group: 10 kg
  • Control group: 1 kg

Decrease in HbA1c (long-term blood sugar):

  • The intervention group: minus 0.9 %
  • Control + 0.1 %

How many used diabetes medications:

  • The intervention group 22 %
  • The control group, 82 %

How many used blood pressure medication:

  • The intervention group: 32 %
  • Control group: 61 %

With Fedon Diafrisk we can now offer you the same treatment and follow-up that was given to the participants in the DIRECT study!

Healthy weight for better health and improved well-being!

Other studies also show that significant weight loss provides many health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, less sleep apnea, better self-esteem, but the greatest effect on DM type 2.
Obesity involves more than to weigh a few kilos too much. It provides very high risk for type 2-diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, wear and tear of the joints, and inflammatory diseases. For many it will also lead to an experience of poorer quality of life and poorer mental health.
You put on you just 5-8 kg, you will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, or vice versa: If you go down 5-8 kg the refreshment in the body to be equivalent.
Eurodiet method is a unique tool to go intensively down in weight, scale back or stop taking medication, and be fresh again from diabetes type 2. But not least prevent diabetes type 2 and other diseases.

  • Eurodiet is suitable for you who have a BMI over 30, or a BMI of 27 with additional risk for the disease, such as diabetes type 2. high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels.
  • Eurodiet method uses meal replacements; custom-designed products with a lot of protein, low carbohydrates and low calories.
  • The method goes over the 4 phases where you start to eat only meal replacements and vegetables, and then gradually introduce the correct food in the correct portions under the guidance.
  • Medical follow-up all the way, which increases the possibility for lasting weight reduction.

Written by Diabetes nurse Hege Hasler Barhaughøgda
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Hege Hasler

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