Coarse gluten-free rolls

40 pcs.

2 l. lukewarm water 

2 dl. Sunflower seeds (can be ground) 

2 dl. Linseed (can be ground) 

2 dl. sesame seeds 

2 dl. pumpkin seeds (can be ground) 

2 dl. coconut flour 

2 dl. Chia seeds 

2 pcs. Dry yeast (possibly 2 teaspoons baking powder) 

2 dl. Chickpea flour 

1 DL. Olive oil 

2 teaspoons of salt 

3 tbsp. Fiber remember 

Start with water, salt, oil, fiber husks and chia seeds and let this swell for a few minutes. Then add the rest. If the dough is too thin, then mix in large oatmeal, possibly millet flakes if you cannot tolerate oats. 

Raise to double the size of the dough. Put olive oil on your hands and roll out into suitably large rolls that are raised slightly. Bake at 180-200 degrees for 20 min

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