Eurodiet Method

The Eurodiet method is a unique tool that we use very often.
The Eurodiet helps patients lose weight effectively and reduce or stop taking medication. The Eurodiet is beneficial for getting rid of type 2 diabetes. The most important thing is that with the help of this method you prevent type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases.

The Eurodiet goes over 4 phases.

If you are slightly overweight or have other considerations, you can also start in phase 2 or 3: 

Phase 1 – 2:
1. Ensure fast and effective weight reduction 
2. Uninstall old diet / old habits 

Stage 3-4:
3. Stabilize weight 
4. Establish a new, balanced diet

Follow-up Class
Initial Consultation

The Eurodiet products are specially developed meal replacements for intensive weight reduction. Meal replacements are combined with plenty of vegetables. 

1. Makes you lose weight quickly. 
2. Helps you to "uninstall" your old diet. 
3. Mimics regular food - makes it easy to follow the method. 
4. Preserves muscle mass and prevents feelings of hunger. 
5. Suitable as lifelong support products to prevent relapse. 

Personal follow-up
You must be followed up by a certified therapist to be able to buy Eurodiet products. It is also in the meeting with your therapist that the magic happens. 

1. Adapts the method to you and follows up your health values. 
2. Guidance and support all the way - even after the weight target has been achieved. 
3. Motivates and stimulates mental change processes for lasting results.