The diabetes book

Everything you need to know about your diabetes, regardless of type. Learn how you can get a better life, possibly drop medications (diabetes 2) or reduce the need for medication by normalizing the blood sugar level. The authors write well-organized about how food affects your body, about the different diabetes types, good medication and insulin's central role.
60 recipes for delicious and easily prepared food that keeps your blood sugar steady. Try chicken balls, salmon burger or tapas plate and enjoy a confectionery cake for dessert! The book is suitable for you who have insulin resistance, which has had diabetes or are at risk of getting it, and for health professionals working with the diabetic patients
From the contents:

  • The various diabetes types: Symptoms, cause and treatment
  • How to change your life step by step
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner that keeps your blood sugar steady and hormones in balance
  • Lovely sugar-free sweets
  • Tips on what you can substitute for potatoes, rice and pasta with
  • GIVE-overviews
  • Information about insulin resistance, the measurement of blood glucose, medication and complications
The diabetes book

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