The Green Diabetes Book

Hege has come out with her fifth book!

Learn how to put together delicious green meals with maximum nutrition and blood sugar-friendly ingredients, and get delicious recipes for all of today's meals!

In The green diabetes book you get healthy and tasty plant-based meals that both prevent and make you healthier from diabetes 2. But also you who have diabetes 1 , will benefit and enjoy this food. The authors, who have many years of experience with food for good blood sugar balance, deal with all types of plant-based diet, so that you can choose exactly the food you like best and need most. In addition to all the knowledge you need to eat full-fledged and nutritious meals without meat and fish, you get a total of 80 recipes for delicious breakfasts and lunches, delicious dinners and small dishes and sweets that you can enjoy a little extra. You get several basic recipes and a number of good tips on how to vary the dishes. All recipes have nutritional calculations.

The green diabetes book is full of green food joy and good health gives you everything you need to eat green, tasty and blood sugar-friendly and gives you knowledge on how to prevent, get better from or completely cured of diabetes 2. The book contains 80 recipes for delicious food, practical advice and kitchen tips. Together, Hege and Gunn-Karin have sold over 90,000 books on diabetes and blood sugar-friendly food.

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