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Learn how to eat right in order to achieve better weight and health!

Initial consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is for your therapist to get to know you, and get information about your health and your eating and living habits. It is important to set goals that we must work together to achieve.

After initial consultation

After the initial consultation, it is important that we arrange a follow-up appointment. The number of follow-up hours is individual. Most patients buy a health package that contains 1 initial consultation and 4 or 8 follow-up hours. We are always available to you by phone or email. If you have any questions along the way, just get in touch.

Follow-up class

Review of your progression and any adjustments and changes in relation to your treatment and lifestyle programme.
Advice and guidance in relation to your challenges.
Weighing on a Tanita scale.
Follow-up sessions last 15 or 30 minutes (by agreement)

Vektklinikken – a good place to be!

We work continually to ensure that you get those health benefits that will last for many upcoming years.

Good lifestyle changes brings better health and wellness, better life quality and more energy.

In order to get a long and healthy life, it´s important to prevent problems and diseases through various steps. Food we eat today and our eating habits, affect our life in the future.

Hege Hasler- is a specialist nurse and personal dietitian at Vektklinikken. Hege will help you with lifestyle changes that last.

Vektklinikken is located in modern offices in Hegdehaugsveien in Oslo. We are happy to help you by video-call or telephone, by your preferences.

Our expertise

We have high competence and long experience in helping people to a better and healthier everyday life, whether you have existing diagnoses and ailments or want to stay healthy for the rest of your life.



Insulin Resistance

Diabetes type 1 og 2

high blood pressure

high cholesterol

metabolic problems


Diet in cancer

food intolerances

stomach and intestinal problems